Some may call him a hero, a legend, even a god. This shadow lurker created a guild out of pizza and beer making it unstoppable when faced against an enemy(bc who doesn't love a pizza pie:). Tis demon in the dark stays hidden before an attack readying an ambush like no other, enemies fear him, while his people love him its WARGO!!! By formulating the perfect username with some of the most complex words in the world adding "war" with "go" made him like no other and no other like him. Between 5-6 months of playing time Wargo has ways to go before reach the final form, but it will be soon enough until he penetrates the the ranks as the one and only. If you actually read my bs, thank you and if you want a family member i'm always open to friends:) 

Guild: HavenEdit

Anyone interested in joining Haven please pm me first before applying:) Haven was created on April 03, 2017 by me and has grown quickly since then now residing as the 14th rank guild. We are a friendly bunch with a lot of ambition, hoping to reach higher with in the game. Hope you join:)