Chapter One-The Greekwar Edit

"Klink,Klink,Klink",the sound of swords clashing each other was heard throughout the battlefield.In the middle of that battlefield,two guys are fighting out each other while releasing their auras that mixed to a blue-red colour..One of the guys was overpowered by another guy..."Nuruhuhuhu,this situation could have ended fine,if u just give off ur card..oh sorry ur " compannionn" ,Douche Of Carnivax,LeDouche"the words was muttered out from that " another guy" who called the guys that was overpowered,as LeDouche...LeDouche was a dual wielder,using 2 swords that have been known to have killed many enemies..Even though,he was only using one sword,Gulges,during that battle..Why?Because one of his hand,the left hand was been cut by that "another guy" who was still grabbing LeDouche left hand in his bloody hands..