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  • We need someone to work on the mobile version of this Wikia.  -Tezla the Polar Bear 🐾
  • Anyone with a new account that can fill the Chapter 1 Quest Page.
  • On the skills and stats page, we need the values for how much damage is increased. -Aru
  • Can't help for a while, sorry guys! A little busy irl right now. ~ Tria

Welcome to the WikiEdit

Hey! This is the new Orpheus Story wiki. If you want to contribute something to it, please feel free to do so. We need all help we can get.

You can add new pages or edit existing ones.

Editing/Creating hero and Quest pages!Edit

Hey all!

If you want to help out (it's a lot of work) edit/create some of the hero and quest pages. We made some templates that you can use, so it looks the same.

Just insert "infobox hero" or "infobox quest" or insert the template (it's basically the same)

If you are using bluestacks app player you might cut out the images and insert them too. For filling in the information like skills use the hero sheet at

Here an example for heroes:

And Quest:

You don't need to complete a page by urself! Just help out with the basic stuff (like filling the infoboxes) if you are not so used to the wiki.

You can write a text left to the infobox, so the site doesn't look so empty. (like is the hero good, bad? Skills that are worth transferring? stuff like that)

If you need to make a line break so it doesn't look weird, use this command between your text:


Just like this:

Text <br/> Text

How to change Textcolour and size:

<div style="font-size:12pt;color:red;">TEXT</div>
That would look like:

Put your text instead of TEXT or change the colour or size.


<div style="font-size:14pt;color:blue;">Great Work guys!</div>
That would be:
Great Work guys!

Maybe you need to use the source editor for it to work...

Thanks for the help and let's do this!

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