Family is kind of like a friends system in Orpheus Story. Players are given five family requests by default to send out to other players. More family requests are given through more VIP and Cuppa Coffe lvl 5 increase by 10 the limit too. 

How to Add Family Edit

There are two ways to add a person to your family.

Adding fam through chat

Through ChatEdit

1) Tap on the player you wish to send a family request to. The menu shown to the right should pop up.

2) Tap [Add Family] and confirm to send family requests.

Through Family ManagerEdit

1) Tap on the Social icon found on the right side of the screen. 

2) Tap on the Family tab and then on the manage button.

3) Tap on the Request tab and select request.

Note: Players can accept an unlimited amount of family requests, however, they can only send a limited amount of family requests.

Benefits and DetrimentsEdit


There are two benefits to adding someone into your family.

  • Each family member you add will give a +1% bonus to all resource yields. The bonus goes up to only 100%. Fully active family members(green status) give the full +1%. Semi-active(orange status) only give +0.5%. Inactive family members don't give any bonus at all.
Family Status

  • It is possible to gain diamonds from a family member if/when they buy diamonds. Only those in their top 50 family will be able to get diamonds. In order to be in your family's top 50, you can either purchase diamonds yourself, or log in for +1 like.


Cons Edit

One feature of the familiy system is that players can visit the main dominion of their family members.This feature can be used by aggressive players to locate dominions to loot. 

Visit feature